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Northleach Steamshow is a not-for-profit steam show that relies on the generosity and support of local businesses and individuals to continue. Every year, we have over 5000 visitors join us in our idyllic Cotswold setting to enjoy the result of hundreds of hours of volunteered time to plan and run the show. We charge a small entrance fee to the general public but could not possibly cover the vast costs of running such a show this way alone. The majority of our expenditure such as coal, toilets, insurance etc are paid for by the generosity of our sponsors and without them, we could not continue.

Every year, our sponsors are provided advertisement in our programs which are sold on the day to our visitors. An example of last years program is shown on this page. The typical*** space provided in the programme for sponsorship is shown below.

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*** While every effort is made to replicate your advertisement into the programme within the space advertised, Northleach Steamshow reserves the right to reduce the advertised sizing if enough source material can not be obtained from your businesses online marketing presence to replicate.

Sponsorship can be provided online via paypal. Simply complete the form below with some details of your business, including a logo, and we will provide advertisement in our show programme. No donation is too small and every donation is gratefully received. Note to due card processing fees, the minimum donation we can accept online is £10.

In addition, you can contact us if you wish to sponsor for advertisements as arena advertising banners or
over microphone adverts on the days of the show or if you wish to sponsor via cheque.

THANK YOU – Without your support, we would not be able to continue this fabulous tradition

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  • Your details will only be used to process your sponsership - you can read our privacy policy here.

  • The phone number you enter here will be included in the programme. If you have further numbers you would like shown in your advertisement, please put them in the "wording for programme" section below.
  • If you are sponsoring as an individual, leave this blank
  • Please provide the website address of your business which will be included in our programme. If you do not have a website or are sponsoring as an individual, leave this blank.
  • You can provide here some text that we will try and reproduce in our programme next to your logo which will be available for purchase at the show. Note due to space constraints, we cannot guarantee we will reproduce your text exactly. You address, email and phone will also be added unless you indicate otherwise here.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png.
    Uploaded here the logo you would like placed in our programme. NOTE: Our programmes are printed in black and white.
  • Please enter here the amount you would like to sponsor - e.g. enter 50 for £50. No amount is too small, however due to card processing fees the minimum we can accept online is £10.
    Choose if you would like your advertisement left in the program that is placed online next year, or if you would like it left but have your personal details removed, or if you would like it removed completely.